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Pigeons Breed Saxon Monk

Photo of a pigeonOrigin: Saxony.

Overall impression: Strong, pure field pigeon shape, well muffed, smooth headed.

Head: Oval, smooth (without crest), forehead somewhat rounded.

Eyes: Dark, small cere, flesh colored to red.

Beak: Long, flesh colored.

Neck: Medium length, becoming full at the shoulders, throat well curved (no gullet).

Breast: Broad and deep, well rounded.

Back: Long, broad at the shoulders, slightly sloping.

Wings: Somewhat long and broad.

Tail: Long, closed, twelve tail feathers.

Legs and Feet: Long and thick muffs with well developed hock feathers.

Feathering: Well developed, close fitting.

Colors: Black, blue, red, yellow, and silver, all with white bars or spangled.

Color and Markings: Black, red, and yellow pure and lustrous, blue and silver light and even; bars pure, as narrow as possible, equal width, continuous, and separated from each other; blue and silver with narrow dark edging at the back of the white bar or spangle; spangles triangular and evenly distributed over shield of wing. White areas include the head to just under the eye, 7 to 9 white flights, tail with upper rump and wedge under tail and muffs; colored areas include neck, breast, belly to the vent area, hock feathers, wing shield, and back.

Major faults:
Weak body.
Muffs too short or full of gaps.
Color on beak.
Dull or impure color.
Too deep or uneven head marking.
Too few white flights.
White around vent.
Color in muffs.
Too high rump marking too short.
Crooked, rusty or peppery bars.
Uneven spangling.
Grizzling behind neck.

Order of evaluation: Overall impression - body strength - color - marking - barring or spangling muffs - eye and beak color.

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