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Pigeons Breed Thuringian Swallow

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Photo of a pigeonOrigin: Thuringia.

Overall impression: Elegant and elongated field pigeon type; plain headed or crested.

Head: Oval, slightly arched; plain headed or with a crest which does not cap and shall end on each side in rosettes.

Eyes: Dark; eye cere small, smooth, and sharp, flesh colored to red.

Beak: Long; flesh colored on reds and yellow, black upper beak on blues and blacks; tip of upper beak horn colored on silvers, all colors having a white lower beak.

Neck: Moderately long; throat well curved (no gullet).

Breast: Broad, carried somewhat forward.

Back: Long, rounded, sloping.

Wings: Long, closed.

Tail: Long, closed.

Legs: Short, without feathers; toenail color is not important, however, as dark as possible on blacks and blues.

Feathering: Well developed, tight fitting.

Colors: Red, yellow, black, blue, and silver barless, blue and silver barred, blue and silver check.

Color and Markings: The ground color is white; only the head, cap, and wings with the excepting of the shoulder feather which form a broad, white, well rounded out heart shape. On blacks, reds, and yellows the lacquer color and under wing color is required. The primary flights on the blue and silver patterns must be dark when the wing is closed.

Major faults:
Body too weak.
Dark lower beak, flecked upper beak.
Feathers on the legs.
Colored thighs and shanks, irregular heart marking, poor color, many white feathers under the wings of reds, yellows, and blacks.

Order of evaluation: Overall impression – shape and size – head marking – beak color – wing marking – crest.