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Pigeons Breed Thuringian Pouter

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Photo of a pigeonOrigin: Bred in Thuringia and middle Germany since ancient times.

Overall impression: Medium-sized pouter with erect station, elegant appearance, well-developed globe, and a somewhat wide-ending peak crest.

Head: Proportionately long and narrow, forehead moderately curved. A well-developed peak crest sits on the back of the head and makes the narrow head appear longer: The peak of the crest does not come to a point and forms the so-called "comb" on the back of the head. There should be a distinct parting of the feathere of the crest and the back of the neck. This "break in the mane" should be about even with the height of the beak. This breed peculiarity should be found on every specimen.

Eyes: Bull in whites and monk-marked. All other colors to have orange eyes. Narrow eye cere corresponding to feather color except for whites and monk-marked, these have flesh-colored eye ceres.

Beak: Medium long, powerful. Flesh-colored in whites, red, yellows, and monk-marked. Dark in blacks, blues, and blue checks; horn colored in mealy, cream, and silver bars. Wattle undeveloped.

Neck: Rather long, upright; globe well-developed and oval with the largest area at the upper globe. The beak rests on the globe.

Back: Long and proportionately wide; steeply sloping, forming a line with the tail; shoulders wide and rounded.

Breast: Keel long, but not protruding much, so that the globe stands out.

Wings: Wide and very long, laying on the body and well-closed. Tips do not cross.

Tail: Long, well-closed, not touching the ground.

Legs: Medium long, clean leg. Toe nails corresponding to beak color. Lower thighs well visible; bent slightly towards the front, not set wide apart.

Feathering: Well-developed, wide-feathered, not too tight-feathered.

Color classes: Selfs in: black, white, red, yellow, blue bar, blue barless, silver, silver barless, mealy, cream bar, blue check, silver check, red check, yellow check; all colors also monk-marked. Tigered in black, red, and yellow.

Colors and Markings: All colors to be deep and rich. Barred colors to show two fine bars spanning the full width of the wing without showing the beginnings of a third bar. Monk-marked have a white head and 6 to 9 white flights. Red and yellow colors have a lightened belly, under belly, hock, vent, and tail. White in the vent is permitted as long as it is not visible white observing the bird standing in the show cage.

Serious faults:
Weak body.
Too low station.
Faulty globe.
Wide or rounded crest.
Break in the mane not present.
Feathered toes.
Too dull or otherwise poor color.
Fewer than 6 white flights.
Large white parch in the vent area in black and blue monk-marked.

Areas to be evaluated and rated: Overall impression - Body form - Globe - Bearing and carriage - Head and crest - Color and markings.