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Pigeons Breed Texan Pioneer

Потребители отглеждащи породата: Жечев

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Photo of a pigeonDescription: The Texan Pioneer is to be a true auto-sexing breed (pure for the faded factor) being a trim, hard bodied utility bird, having a high dressed-out to live ration, and conforming to the standard of perfection drawing as near as possible, the Texan Pioneer being a utility squabbing breed, it is important that the bird have as small a head and feet as possible, yet be in proportion to the body.

Weights: Old Birds: 28 to 32 ounces, Young Birds: 26 to 30 ounces.

Body (25 pts.): The Texan Pioneer is to be a blocky, large breasted, solid, firm bodied bird. The length and depth of keel to be approximately 3 5/8" and the width of the keel to exceed the depth and length giving an over square appearance.

Eye cere (5 pts.): All Texan Pioneers are to have a narrow flesh colored eye cere.

Head (10 pts.): The head of the Texan Pioneer is to be small but in proportion to the body, be held up and back giving the alert appearance, and is to taper to a "V" toward the beak.

Neck (10 pts.): Medium size, not coarse, short and contouring gently into the body.

Wings (10 pts.): Carried up on the tail and lying flat (no sideboard effect); to be held firmly to the body, wing butts to be full covered, and coverts to cover back completely.

Tail (10 pts.): Approximately 6" long from the back of legs to the tip of the tail. As near as possible to be one feather wide, and carried approximately 3/4" longer than the wing tips and with as little a "knob" as possible. The Texan Pioneer should feel as though it will slip out of your hand when held properly.

Feet and Legs (10 pts.): Legs as small as possible yet in proportion to the body, wide set and with the drum sticks and thighs well fleshed. Toes shall be fine boned and short. Legs to be nearly straight, not to give a squatty appearance.

Feathers (10 pts.): All birds to be fully feathered with hard feathere firmly held to the body. Feathers with the oily sheen indicate one of good health. Loose feathers are undesirable.

Station (Carriage) (10 pts.): Approximately 10 1/2" long and high, to be one of alertness and good health, not flighty, and with the beak carried approximately 3/4" back of the front line of the breast.

Under or over weight, all birds are to be weighed as they are checked into the show.
Any damaged or sick birds.
Any that show signs of trimming or plucking.
Any deformities, frill or crest feathers, extra toes, crooked or missing toes, crooked keel, and/or crooked beak.