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Pigeons Breed Syrian Coop Tumbler

Photo of a pigeonThe Syrian Coop Tumbler Pigeon

Origin: The Middle EAst. Different types of Coop Tumblers exist in many parts of the area. They are from the general family of Crack tumblers. There are from the region of Syria/Southern Turkey.

Description: A medium sized plainheaded, tightly feathered pigeon, weighing about 12 ounces. It usually has, for the most part, small muffs, although up to an inch and a half are not uncommon. Except for the white colored birds, which have bull eyes, the eyes are pearl.

Colors: This breed can be found in all colors including black, dun, red, yellow, blue, silver, ash red, ash yellow, white and recessives in red, yellow, and ice.

Comments: These very active pigeons will clap their wings when in flight. They will sometimes wear out the ends of their flights before the next molt, only a feather shaft will appear. With the Arabic population increasing in the USA, the popularity of the Coop Tumbler is currently increasing. They are a great flying tumbler pigeon and are easy to keep and breed.

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