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Pigeons Breed Shakh Sharli Tumbler

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Photo of a pigeonShakh Sharli Tumblers- Shiraz - Shiras - Shairaz - Sherzi - Sherazi Pigeons

Origin: Middle East, probably Persia.

Description: This medium sized pigeon weighs about 13 ounces, and has a nice cobby chest. They have small white muffs that cover the toes. The eye color can be either bull or pearl.

Color and Markings: The Shakh Sharli"s many markings make it an unusual breed. First, the bird is solid in color. The head and neck are white starting with a "V" at the bottom of the chest going up and around the back of the neck in an even pattern. This pattern resembles a coat being warn and only the white showing out of the coat. The "V" marking is the front of the coat on the chest. The head has some patches of color on the sides of the cheek called "cheek patches" and a spot on the top of the head is called a "Skull patch". These are the same color as the body color. Sometimes the head is solid white on some Shakh Sharlis, and on others, the cheek and skull patch are present. All the patches are desired. The breed also has a silver dollar-sized white patch on the rump. Colors are black, dun, red, yellow, bronze, sulfur, and blue. No white feathers are to be seen in the vent area.

General: The markings are the most important feature of the breed as well-marked specimens are highly valued. Coloration is also very important. They are good flyers, and the barred varieties are considered to be very rare at this time.