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Pigeons Breed Saxon White Tail

Photo of a pigeonOrigin: Saxony.

Overall impression: Strong, low standing, field pigeon type; smooth headed, plain headed and well muffed.

Head: Oval, forehead rounded, always plain headed.

Eyes: Dark on black, blue, silver check, silver and copper, orange to gold on red and yellow, grey-black eye color is permitted on copper color; eye cere small, on red and yellow pale to reddish, all other dark; light eye color is permitted on copper color.

Beak: Long, flesh-colored on red and yellow, horn color on silver and silver check, black on all other colors, lighter under color is permitted on the copper color.

Neck: Medium, strong at the shoulder, throat curved (no gullet).

Breast: Broad, well rounded, carried low.

Back: Long, broad, slightly sloping.

Wings: Somewhat long and broad.

Tail: Long, closed, twelve feathers.

Legs: Muffs long and thick with long hock feathers, deep posture.

Feathering: Richly developed, close tiffing.

Colors: Black with white bars or spangled (the latter with or without finch markings); blue bariess, bue black bar, blue white bar, blue spanlge, blue checked, silver barless, silver dun bar, silver with bar, silver spangle, silver checked, red, yellow, and copper.

Color and Markings: All colors are pure and intense or clear. The copper color has a lustrous black body color; the wing shield has achestnut brown color with a black tip or edge; the tip of the black flights may or may not have brown finch markings, inside flights brown. Slight brown color in the muffs, sides of body, or wedge under tail is tolerated. White areas are the forehead spot which is not too small or too large and twelve tail feathers and the upper rump area; straight, sharp border on the lower back. The other feathers including the wedge under the tail are colored.

Major faults:
Weak body.
Light upper beak on blues and blacks.
Color on beaks of red and yellows.
Short or gaps in muffs.
White flicking in head.
Poor spot.
White in wedge under tail or around vent.
Grizzled wedge under tail.
Less than twelve white tail feathers.
Cloudy or sooty blue.
Lack of luster on the lacquer colors (red, yellow, black, and copper).

Order of evaluation: Overall impression - body strength - color - markings - barring and spangling muffs - beak color - eye color.

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