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Pigeons Breed Saxon Priest

Photo of a pigeonOrigin: Saxony; probably bred out of the original forms of the clean legged priest and trumpeters.

Overall impression: Strong and low standing field pigeon shape.

Head: Arched, broad, with richly feathered shell crest with rosettes on each side; well developed round beak crest (rose).

Eyes: Dark; small eye cere; light to reddish in color.

Beak: Long, flesh colored; lower beak on blacks and blues to be dark in color (horn in silvers); small dark spots on the upper beak under the beak crest on blacks and blues, especially in old birds, is not a serious fault.

Neck: Thick, strong, well curved under beak (no gullet).

Breast: Broad, carried forward and low.

Back: Long, broad, slightly sloping.

Wings: Strong, broad, held close to body.

Tail: Long, closed, twelve tail feathers.

Legs: Compact and well muffed, muffs extending into hock feathers; low set.

Color and Markings: Blue and silvers light in color; red, yellow, and black to be intense and pure in color. The spangles to be triangle shaped and evenly distributed over the wing shield; the black spangled may or may not have finch markings on the flights; all other spangles to have solid flights. The entire bird is colored except the head marking and bars or spangles which are white. The line between the white of the head and the colored area runs from between the upper and lower beak through the eye or to the bottom of the eye at the cere then to the back of the head at the base of the crest. The rose is white. The blues and silvers have a black (dun on silvers) seam on the back edge of the bar or spangle.

Major faults:
Body too short or weak.
Too high posture.
White on head not extending to crest.
Crooked head marking or white extending below the eye.
Severe deficiencies in beak color.
Small or crooked crest.
Crooked or pinched rose.
Very faulty bars or spangles.
Dull or uneven color.
Especially bluish tails.
Wedge under tail or belly on reds.
Back too light or pronounced reddish breast on blues (gold on silvers).
Grizzled or white feathers in the tail.
Wedge under tail.
Muffs on the back of neck.

Order of evaluation: After overall impression, the characteristics are judged in the following order: body strength - feather color - head marking - crest and beak crest - muffs - bars or spangles - eyes and beak color.

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