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Pigeons Breed Lille Pouter

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Photo of a pigeonOrigin: Northern France; a variety of French Pouter bred mainly in Lille.

Overall impression: Smaller than the French Pouter, slim and elegant. The globe is egg-shaped; very upright station.

Head: High forehead; relatively large; plain headed.

Eyes: Bull in whites, orange in all others; eye cere yellowish.

Beak: Thin, rather long, not visible with an inflated globe; the beak color corresponds to the feather color; wattle undeveloped.

Neck: Long, with a voluminous, but not overdone globe; somewhat developed back globe; the globe extends to the keel.

Breast: Narrow, straight at the front and very long; the keel protrudes somewhat.

Back: Flat, slightly hollow.

Wings: High set; held tight against the body; long, with the tips crossing at the tail.

Tail: Medium long; forms a sloping line with the back; not too wide.

Legs: Long and fine; thighs must protrude and be distinctly separate from the body; feet are narrowly placed; the bird should station on the front toes with the back toes not touching the ground.

Feathering: Tight feathered; thighs lightly feathered.

Color classes: Black, blue, red, yellow, and white.

Color and Markings: Selfs, white barred, and tigered in: Black, blue, red, and yellow. Tigered to have a colored tail and flights. White barred to have narrow, long, and distinct bars without rust. all colors to be rich and lustrous.

Serious faults:
Too plump body.
Lack of performance.
Wide leg placement.
Feathering on the toes.
Faulty globing.
Too short neck.
Lop-sided globe.
Poor color or markings.

Areas to be evaluated and rated: Overall impression - Form and bearing - Station and thigh form - Head - Color and markings.