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Pigeons Breed Florentine

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Photo of a pigeonHead (12 pts.): Well arched with light submerging of the forehead passing over to back cheek level.

Beak (3 pts.): Medium to long and must be firm and straight, slightly bent at the tip; blacks and blues to have dark colored beaks, red and yellows to have flesh colored beaks.

Wattles: Well developed of fine texture and cut.

Eyes (5 pts.): Deeply set with orange iris and enclosed by fine cere which is of a light flesh color.

Neck: Sharply curved below mandible (overall straight) thickly feathered and possessed with much down, very strong widening itself to breast and shoulders.

Back: Broad and short, with a slight elevation preceding the rump.

Breast: Very broad and deep in keel somewhat highly carried.

Wings: Very powerful, firmly laid and resting on the tail but never overlapping the tail scissor like or over the end of the tail.

Legs and Feet (10 pts.): Legs must be of good length and uniform width heavy in bone and well placed so the bird may move without unusual effort. There should be no feathering below the knee joints, bright red in color, toes well spread, long and slightly bent.

Tail: Must be of medium length and uniform width. Cut straight at the end of rounded at the corners and elevated to a forty-five degree angle.

Marking and Color (20 pts.): Prime color is white. Head, wings, coverts, lower and upper tail covering colored (primary flights are white). The head markings must be clearly defined from back of the head, around the head, passing onto the neck approximately 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" below the throat.

Size: Large, heavy, and well balanced.

Colors: Black, red, yellow, blue with black or white bars, dun (checked), opal, AOC inclusive.

Weight: Both hens and cocks within 24 to 28 ounces.

Short legs.
Small type.
Long narrow bird.
Low tail.
Sloping back.
Short neck.
Curved neck.
Narrow breast.
Butt too elevated.
Bull or cracked eyes.
Insufficient design.