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Pigeons Breed Elster Pouter

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Photo of a pigeonOrigin: Created in middle Germany. Today found all over Germany.

Overall impression: High-set pouter with a slim but powerful form; erect, proud bearing; approximately 2/3 of the length for the front, 1/3 from the legs to the tip of the tail; lively personality.

Head: Oval; forehead slightly curved; wattle flat and undeveloped.

Eyes: Bull; eye cere narrow and pale.

Beak: Rather long, not too powerful, light-colored.

Neck: Long; globe large, well-set out from the breast; largest at the upper part; well-rounded reaching so high that the beak rests on the globe.

Breast: Not too wide; well-muscled; keel, long and slightly rounded.

Back: Long; not too wide at the shoulders; sloping downwards in a straight line; shoulders well-curved but not protruding.

Wings: Powerful; well-closed; straight, lying on the tail.

Tail: Not too long and not too wide; forms a line with the back but may not touch the ground; approximately 2 cm longer than the wing tips.

Legs and Feet: Legs long and straight, not set wide apart; thighs visible; feet unfeathered, bright red in color; toe nails light-colored.

Color classes: Black, red, yellow, and blue.

Color and Markings: All colors rich, even, and lustrous. Head, wings, hocks, and belly are white. Remaining areas including vent and undertail are colored. Head is white until ½ to 1 cm under the eyes where a distinct line separates the white head and colored neck. Seen from above the colored shoulder feathers form a heart-shaped marking and run over onto the wings so that the white wings show a nicely rounded line. A sharply defined line about 1 cm before the thighs separates the white and colored area. The white belly continues to the vent. The outer tail feathers of blues are white laced.

Serious faults:
Too small, wide, or plump figure.
Too little or lop-sided globe.
Sword wings.
Thick wings.
Feathered feet.
Dark beak.
Large or red eye cere.
Open back.
Straddle or “X” legs.
Fforehead colored.
Bib marking.
Colored thighs.
White back or tail feathers.
Reedy tail.

Areas to be evaluated and rated: Overall impression – Station – Globe – Body form – Color and markings.