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Pigeons Breed Czech Ice Pouter

Photo of a pigeonOrigin: Czechia.

Overall impression: Medium large, stocky, ice colored pouter with erect bearing. Approximately % of the length should be in front of the legs with the remaining 1/8 from the legs to the tip of the tail.

Head: Oval; plainheaded; forehead somewhat curved.

Eyes: Orange to red. Eye cere narrow; delicate; dark gray.

Beak: Medium long; powerful; dark. Wattle undeveloped and flat.

Neck: As long as possible; pear-shaped globe without a waist.

Breast: Wide and full.

Back: Wide at the shoulders; long and sloping.

Wings: Powerful; lying close on the body; carried on the tail, not quite reaching the end of the tail; covering the back well.

Tail: Not too long; closed.

Legs: Powerful; medium long; thighs only slightly visible; feet unfeathered; nails dark.

Feathering: Tight, with lots of bloom which gives the color a light, delicate shade.

Color class: Ice colored with black bars.

Color and Marking: Color even throughout the body; as light and delicate as possible; appears as ice in clear, pure water or similar to skim milk; bars as black as possible; long, parallel, and separated; flights and terminal bar on the tail as dark as possible; the tip of the tail must exhibit a small strip of ice color.

Serious faults:
Too small, narrow body, too long figure.
Lack of performance.
Too little neck length and globe.
Forms a good waist.
Protruding breast bone (keel).
Too high in station.
Light beak and toe nail color.
Light or reddish eye cere.
Varying from ice color to light or bluish color.
Bronze or green sheen on the neck.
White back, belly, or vent.
Faulty bars.

Areas to be evaluated and rated: Overall impression - Body form and bearing - Globe - Station – Color.

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