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Pigeons Breed Budapest Pigeon

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Photo of a pigeonOrigin: Budapest, Hungary. The Budapest is a fairly recent breed developed in the late 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. They were originally bred for highflying, but now they are primarily bred for showroom competition.

Description: The most prominent feature of this breed is its head. It is wide and short with the width and length being of the same dimensions, forming a "V" down to the wattle. The back of the head is sharply marked upward, forming three corners. The beak, while being short and thick, is straight set. The large eyes are pearl in color, with thick ceres almost frog like. Black ceres are called for in the black beak variety, and flesh colored in the white beak variety. The neck is long and slightly arched, with the wing butts carried slightly outwards. This feature, along with its long legs, gives the bird the expression of a stork. The Budapest has an erect station, standing high on its toes.

Color and Markings: In the black beak variety they are bred in blue, black, grizzle, and stork. In the white beak variety, they are bred in black, dun, red, yellow, white, ash red, blue, silver, and checker. The white flighted and heart back (Gansel) marked birds are bred in the same colors.

I received my first 4 Budas on July 19th and just am thrilled with them. Such dainty small birds with owl eyes. I look forward to hand raising the offspring.

In August I added 8 more plus 2 pair of foster birds for the Buda young (Vienna Medium Faced Tumblers).