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Pigeons Breed Nurnberg Swallow

Photo of a pigeonOrigin: Franken.

Overall impression: Elongated, strong field pigeon with rather low posture.

Head: More oval than round, rising from the wattle in a nice arch running smoothly into the crest. The crest lays forward smoothly (capping) and is not set too low on the back of the head and ends on both sides in rosettes.

Eyes: Dark with red eye cere.

Beak: Long, light and pure on red and yellows. Upper beak black on black, blue bars and blue checks, dark horn colored on silver bars and silver checks. The lower beak is light colored on all varieties.

Neck: Narrow and medium length, full and prominent at the shoulders.

Breast: Broad, well rounded.

Back: Broad, long, slightly sloping.

Wings: Long, lightly resting on tail.

Tail: Closed and projecting a little beyond flights.

Feet (Legs): Thick but not long muff feather; locks well defined.

Feather: Smooth, tight fitting.

Colors: Red, yellow, black, blue, and silver barless, blue and silver bar, blue and silver check, ash red bar and cream bar.

Color and Markings: Ground color white; colored areas are the wing, muffs, and the head cap with the small Mucke (small colored area between the eye and beak extending below the beak and eyeline); the white heart marking over the back broad and long; colors intense and lustrous. On both sides of the body near the tail are grease quills. Crest and hock feathers are white.

Major faults:
Incorrect beak color.
Dull color and missing grease quills.
Poor crest setting.
Poor color under the wings of blacks, reds, and yellows.
Muffs too thin, too weak or too large.
Colored hock feathers.
Cap color not reaching to crest.

Order of evaluation: Overall impression - body shape and side - markings - color - crest - muffs.

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